Harmony Bliss Zen Futon Cushion


Welcome home the Harmony Bliss Zen Futon Cushion from Flame of the North and embrace ultimate comfort and tranquility. This high-quality cushion is crafted to provide you with exceptional support and durability, along with an aesthetic appeal that adds to any space it adorns.

Made from top-tier materials, the cushion ensures the perfect balance between softness and firmness, enhancing your comfort during meditation, yoga, or simple relaxation. The design promotes improved posture and alignment, adding to its numerous benefits.

Experience the luxurious feel and upgrade your relaxation journey with our Harmony Bliss Zen Futon Cushion. A perfect addition to every home, this cushion reflects our commitment to combine comfort, quality, and style seamlessly.

  • Diameter: 40cm / 15,7in
  • Height: 6cm / 2,3in

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